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Hey, I’m Zak!

I’d just like to start off by thanking you for showing an interest in my blog. Here’s a little info about me. Ever since I was diagnosed with autoimmune illnesses like psoriatic arthritis, I have made it my personal mission to connect with others in a similar situation because it’s so easy to fall into a dark hole of depression when your body is breaking down.

This painful condition affected all my joints to the point of not being able to walk properly or even grip my phone! And guess what, I was only in my early 20’s!

Unfortunately, not being able to stay active took a toll on my body and I ended up comfort eating to deal with my pain and depression. This went on until my weight reached almost 90kgs.

To put it plainly, I was overweight and sickly. I didn’t feel good at all but it dawned on me that I had the opportunity to change my life at a young age. I could develop the habits needed to not only heal but to transform my body for life and maintain it. I was watching a video of John Abraham (an actor from India) who I really admire. At the age of 47, he is healthier and fitter than most people my age.

He attributed his amazing physique and good health to living a clean and healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise.

I couldn’t run. I couldn’t life weights. I needed something that was low impact on my joints. Enter the jump rope.

For the first few days, I could only handle a few minutes of it. But, it was so much of fun that I couldn’t stop myself. The challenge of not being able to do two successful skips without stumbling over my feet or the rope was kind of exciting. I knew that this was something I could do and master.

Fast forward a few months and I dropped at least 40+ pounds! Because I changed my diet, my arthritic issues reduced by almost 90%. I had never been leaner in my entire life. I had fun every single day with a jump rope, running and bodyweight exercises. The best part was that it really helped me psychologically. I needed an outlet to empty out my emotions. It made me more disciplined and committed to taking care of myself.

What do we have if not our health?

I want to inspire others to transform their health without having to bust the bank or hurt themselves. I want people like myself to regain control over their life and body.

Let’s do it together!