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What Happens When You Run Every Day

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I ran everyday for a month to find out what kind of effect it would have on my body and it was magnificent.

Not only did I lose upwards of 10 pounds but it strengthened my leg muscles, improved my stamina and actually helped with stress and anxiety 

Understandably, some people are afraid of the possibility of injuring themselves from running every day, especially since it can be a relatively high impacting exercise. But, that didn’t happen to me.

I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and that can be quite a debilitating condition because it basically attacks the tissue in my joints. Granted, I was sore at first but it genuinely strengthened my legs over time. 

I attribute this to running with good form, taking breaks when needed, wearing really great trainers and building up my endurance over these 4 weeks at a reasonable pace.

That’s not to say you’ll have the exact same experience as I did but it could turn out to be really beneficial.

In this article, I’m going to discuss exactly what happens when you run every day.

Running burns fat

The greatest benefit you get from running is obviously weight loss and fat loss. I mean, that’s why you’re here, right? To find out whether running every day will help you burn fat as fast as possible. 

I’m happy to report that you will burn fat from running every day provided that you burn more calories than you consume. 

It’s fairly simple to work this out. 

Measure the number of calories your body requires per day to maintain its current size. Based on my calculations, my body requires 2300 calories every day to maintain it’s size. One pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. 

So, to lose weight, I would need to either consume fewer calories or burn more calories through exercise.

I don’t necessarily like to follow low calorie diets because I have a big appetite so I focus on consuming 2300 calories of clean and tasty food. To burn extra calories, I decided to exercise by running. 

All I needed was to burn 500 calories from running per day to lose a pound of fat/weight. 

Simple enough. 

So, I dedicated an hour every day to run. I tried running early in the morning but it sucked. For some reason, I’m not the type of person who gets energized after working out in the morning. 

Which is why I pushed my daily running to the afternoons when I was done working. 

I find it easier to exert more energy and to run for longer when I leave it for the afternoons in comparison to running in the morning because I know that most of my objectives for the day are complete.

I wouldn’t have known this had I not tried running at different hours in the day.

So, I’d strongly advise you to work exercise into a convenient time slot.

This minimizes the effort it requires to actually do it and you don’t end up sacrificing other important tasks for it. What I know is that most people, including myself, will opt not to exercise if it got in the way of something we really wanted or needed to do.

I didn’t want to take the chance because I know how valuable exercise is. It’s non-negotiable if you plan on being fit and healthy for most of your life. 

Back to what we were talking about.

If you can burn 500 calories by running every day, you’ll lose at least 4 pounds in a month. On average, it takes about an hour to burn that number of calories from running but it varies. You may end up burning more calories and losing more pounds.

Additionally, if you eat clean foods, you may not end up hitting your daily caloric consumption goal which might further enhance your weight loss. 

Unless you have some kind of underlying problem like a thyroid issue, you’re eating too much food or not running for long enough, it’s highly unlikely that you won’t lose weight and burn fat running every day.

Granted, you have to do it for a significant amount of time but the results will appear. This is really one of the best things that happens when you run every day.

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Your body composition will improve

Running has the ability to burn fat but it also has the ability to tone muscles and in essence, change the composition of your body. 

I feel like body composition is a topic that should be discussed more because most people don’t understand that steady-state cardio without any resistance training or exertion can often result in you becoming a smaller version of your current self.

To put it simply, you’ll lose weight and burn fat but you’ll be skinny fat. 

This happened to me way back in the past when my only form of exercise was the elliptical trainer. 

That’s not to say that you can’t get rid of a skinny fat physique by just using steady-state cardio. But, the end result is that you just become skinny.

Do a quick Google search of marathon runners and most of them are skinny. That’s not the kind of physique I want for myself. I want to look lean, athletic and solid. I don’t care for big muscles either. So, I changed my style of running to intervals.

This means that for 30 seconds, I’d sprint as fast as I could and then for 60 seconds I would recover by jogging.

What I found is that running actually helped with body recomposition. My thighs slimmed down significantly and my calves began to look muscular. 

I’ve also heard from women that the size of your boobs will shrink to some degree. 

Most importantly, you’ll see a reduction in the size of your waist. Now, keep in mind that genetics play a huge role in determining which areas of the body will see a reduction in fat first. But, don’t be disheartened because in time, you’ll start to burn fat from those stubborn areas. 

My body holds onto fat around my waist. I have struggled with love handles for a long time but running seems to be it’s kryptonite along with weight lifting. 

You’ll become more consistent and hardworking

Running is hard work! Trust me, you’re going to be exhausted and sore after running everyday but it’s so worth it.

Never in my life have I been so dialed into my routine. The thing is, exercise is the easiest way to get those endorphins and feel-good hormones pumping through your body on a daily basis. With time, you start to get attached to feeling that way.

Eventually, your routine starts revolving around exercise.

It sounds weird but that’s what I experienced. Rather than procrastinating on what I had to do for the day, I’ll be working my butt off so that I don’t end up missing out on a session of running. 

To enjoy hard work seemed like an impossible feat and yet here I am, loving it.

Since then, I work more effectively and I know how to make sacrifices for what’s important. 

It’s improved my productivity as well so I’m writing more consistently these days. I have another big site that requires a lot of my attention. I’ve been publishing articles on that site every day, while writing my books and working on this site. 

That’s a lot of writing to be doing on the side and yet I have no problem tackling difficult tasks on a daily basis. 

I attribute it to the work ethic I developed since I started running daily. 

It improves your sleep

Well, it’s hard to stay away until late when you’re exhausted! Ordinarily, I’m a night owl. I can’t help it. Years of writing at night have affected my sleep cycle.

But I noticed a big difference once I started running daily. 

It is advisable not to exercise at night because it could have the opposite effect and keep you away. 

As a side note: I tend to drink L-glutamine powder before I sleep. I’ve noticed that it speeds up my recovery after running so often.

It relieves stress and anxiety

For most of my adult life, I’ve suffered from overthinking and stress to the point that it affects my physical health. I don’t know why but I can obsess over something that’s going wrong in my life and that can be so awful to deal with.

From everything that I’ve tried, running is one of the best remedies to stress and anxiety.

It’s so easy to kind of empty your mind while running. All that chatter is drowned out by singular focus.

Running has been cathartic and a lifesaver for me.

I’ve spoken to a few runners and they seem to share the same experience as me. They often hate missing a day of running because it throws them off their game and messes with their levels of happiness.

In conclusion

It will take some time before you are able to run every day at maximum effort and efficiency but you’ll definitely get there within a couple of weeks.

Start by running for just 15 – 20 minutes per day every day. This won’t be too taxing and neither does it require a ridiculous investment of time.

As you grow stronger and fitter, you can improve the amount of time you run every day.

By the time you become an experienced runner, the changes to your body will be phenomenal and undeniable.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on what happens when you run every day. Feel free to leaves your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

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